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  1. I feel really isolated ever since I moved from my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa to a new, strange place. The world seems to have grown alien and different. Everyone seems to be a stranger and we all put up these bars to block us off from each other. Headsets, iPods, bibles and books on trains. We do all we can to make sure that no one will be able to reach us. Eventually we put up so much distance we find ourselves on an island.

    Is that really how you want to go through life?

    - John.
  2. Today I woke up again. After 19 years it still seems kind of strange to wake after being dead for so long. I've been isolated for a while- I keep moving and I've lost all of my friends. All I really do now is work out in the basement and read special forces documents.




    Sometimes I feel like a robot, you know? I feel like every single time I do the same rehearsed routine I lose a peice of my humanity and I feel empty. Do I really care? Or am I just programmed to think I should care?

    I'm too existential to be taken seriously.

    Signing off-
    The Beast.