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  1. BLAM!!! BLAM!!! two bullets are hurled from a gun shot by her husband just a few yards away. dragged out into the wilderness by her husband at 5 in the morning and being molested by loud noises for hours has left her tired and frustrated though she not dare show discomfort while in her husbands presence. being but a mere rack for her husbands weapon, she became overwhelmed with boredom and decided to lift the gun and arm it. she figured she may well have been an expert by now considering she would be forced all the way out by the lake often by her husband simply to hold one of his guns. as she aimed for a tree she made a valiant effort at pulling the trigger although it was far to difficult with one hand so she tried using both. pressing as hard as she could on the trigger caused the gun to shake more than a little and now she cared more about making the gun go off rather than hitting the tree. BLAM! the gun is fired and as she opens her eyes the bark of the tree seems to have been unscathed, unfortunately her husband is not. grief and sorrow flood her eyes as she stands there holding her face in one hand and the gun in the other.