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  1. One MONTH left!!!

    I am due to pop this baby out on April 22!

    I am hoping it will be sooner than that because I am a planet with it's own moon......but I guess I can wait for when it is done baking. Knowing my luck it will be born in May haha.

    I still don't know the sex of the baby. I wish I had some sort of idea....but nope, no inkling...

    Recently I have had no sleep at all. People tell me that is because my body is getting ready for sleepless nights with the newcomer. I think it is because of the basketball tummy and restless legs.

    I will keep everyone posted on how everything goes. I have not been posting anything online for awhile. I am actually trying to cut it out of my life for a bit in hopes that the reserved energy can be used to tidy my house.

    I will pop on every once in awhile to say hi.
    Don't forget about me!
  2. In British Columbia (Canada) we have a minimum of three stages to get your drivers license...

    So the first step is getting your learners permit (written test)

    next you take a driving test with a instructor and when passed you are a new driver.

    You must have your New driver status for two years (I believe?)

    Well today I got rid of my new driver status. I took a driving test (the second one) and even though I am huge with baby and had crazy nerves....I passed!

    Yay me.
    Also I took another big step and finally changed my last name to my new married name!!!

    It was a very big day for me, and I am just finally glad that it is over and done with.

    Now all I have to be nervous about is that pesky child birth....
  3. My good friend and I planned a trip to the states to go early x-mas shopping.

    She then proceeded to tell me (a few days later) that she was going in the middle of october and wont be going again. she wants to go to this one concert with her sister, and if I can make it great, if not then you're out of luck.

    So needless to say, the day she picked I could not go. I told her it was ok. It wasn't.
    I was so fuming mad that she blew our plans off to go do something different with someone else.

    To top it all off, she called me and asked me to babysit while she was out of town.

    I dreamt about how mad I was.....for weeks I stewed over it. Today I finally talked to her about how frusterated I was. the moment I told her I felt soooooo much better. It didn't matter what her response was (which was guilt and apologies) I just felt like I finally acted like the adult I knew I was.

    Does anyone else have confrontation issues?
  4. So if you have read my previous entry you would know that my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our second child.

    Well.... the pea is in my pod. Yup I am pregnant!

    It is so hard not to tell friends and family. we have decided to wait the 3 or so months to make sure things are safe.

    I am pretty excited, but also pretty scared. I Have been through this once, so I know all the ins and outs of labour pain. eep.

    I am still so happy though! yay fertile me.
  5. no bun in my oven..yet

    My husband and I are trying for another baby.
    We haven't told the inlaws yet because they will call every 5 minutes to ask if I am pregnant yet. They are pretty invasive that way.

    I already have a 6 year old girl. Who is amazing. So sassy and grown up. Yes if I get pregnant now there will be a huge age gap, but I planned it that way. I had my daughter very young and needed the time with just us.

    Now that my daughter is going into grade 1...
    I will be able to focus a lot of my time on any new arrivals coming my way.

    I will be happy with any gender-blah blah blah as long as it's healthy, blah blah blah.....but I am hoping for another girl lol, because I know what to do with them lmao.

    silly I know.
    I figured my husband would be thrilled to have a boy, but he suprised me the other night by saying he would like another girl.

    Now it for sure will come out a boy. hahaha

    I looked up a chinese gender predictor and if I got pregnant between now and december it says I will have a boy. Only 90 percent accurate.

    I am so excited i have already thought of a few names

    Girl: piper-my fav
    stella, hadley, demi, or marlow

    Boy: forrest-my fav
    diem, callum,milo, or seth

    anyways wish me fertility ladies and gents.