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  1. I was told about my subject and predicate writing was almost good, but the word content came up and why should I put in content writing? I am happy with the subject and predicate writing. I am still baffled with the flow of each words within a sentence. I am looking for some order within each sentence, but then there's the paragraph itself for flow from the sentences. I am aware of the words within the sentence, but again it's the flow of the words within the sentence that has me bewildered. In the Dick and Jane story it's about dick and Jane. But in that time did they have subject and predicates in all sentences? Writer One
  2. There are so many rules. The best I can do is general creative writing and fanatical editing and critique myself. We all have a fault and perfection is it. I am going to follow my way/style and pick up what I can from other members. I write from my mind and heart. I see where the words themselves are the bedrock of writing. I destroyed any attempt to write correctly including subject and predicate, yet these two words make a little sense to me, but not with every sentence. I use the word flow because I sense the the words should flow, and that is one way to keep the reader busy.

    I love words and also to see them down on this screen. I am proud to be a member of this forum but I feel I am below where all of you are. My imperfection was twenty years without editing I just put down a subject and storied away. I now see my errors. But as a senior citizen we should be overlooked as far our imperfections, for someday you to will be there and will know what I am writing about. Thanks for listening. Writer One
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  3. I am fanatical about creating words, but they have to make sense to the reader, otherwise why write? Writing is another form of communicating with others. To see the words instead of speaking them is part of the art of writing. Our knowledge within us shows the reader we can go one step forward producing the art, not creating it. To create a picture without words is also another way to produce knowledge from within our selves, as is speaking. But instead of colors, we have just words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true.

    Do our words create within us thoughts that can change the thoughts of the other person? If so then our words are more than just words they might even be a truth which the other person might not want to hear and I have been there. Do our words have a knowledge where we can create a word that can change a persons thoughts? This thought is something I am working on, to change ones beliefs to a truth instead of a wrong truth using words instead of speaking it. Writer One
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  4. I once thought my thoughts were my enemy, but after thinking about it, maybe they are not. It could be my ego trying to think, no, this is a bad idea? I have been negative all my life and listened to my thoughts instead of questioning them? They have been in charge of me since I believed them first. Ah ha! Now maybe the table is turned and it's my turn to say no instead. There's a thought. Why would one believe there thoughts in the first place:confused:? For the first time in my life it seems I am in control of me and not my thoughts:D Writer One
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  5. I look in my mirror and wonder who is looking back. I know his face and even his name, but I wonder who he really is. I have gotten out of touch with with him and he seems so distant. I see the senior within him yet I know him not. I would hope he is happy, but his eyes seem dark and foreboding. I sense his emotions and they to are also dark and foreboding as well. I wonder what makes him happy. If he is like me his emotions are always bothering him with negativism's which is his true side, and he probably wonders about if he could be happy and how would he do that?

    These are all negative traits and after his life time what else does he see in the future for his happiness? I suspect he doesn't. I suspect he thinks he would like to just close his eyes and drift off into hopefully heaven, but if he is married like me he cannot even do that. My wife has cancer and is awaiting her results from her last blood test as to either take Chemo for her cancer or not to take Chemo because of her age. He and I will hang in together and see what happens next. Hopefully she will not need Chemo and together he and I shall smile again for the first time in a long while. Writer One