I figure since I'm moving somewhere unknown at the moment, I mind as well blog about it. :rolleyes:
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  1. Most of the earth's population have heard the phrase, "every cloud has a silver lining". However, the number of people who actually BELIEVE that remains unclear.

    I admit that I was one of the pessimistic few who struggled to see the good side of seemingly bad situations. This next moving experience was one of them.

    Packing has once again proved to be my least favorite activity. I'm in the process of deciding what objects are an integral part of my life, and which should be tossed to the curbside or to Salvation Army. It's kinda sad, trying to pack your life into two little boxes, but it's liberating in a way. You're cutting the chains and freeing yourself from the problems and prejudices you encountered, and embarking upon a new journey, a new adventure.

    While I'm still not looking forward to this in any way, shape, or form, I have recently had an epiphany and was able to find at least some part of this situation good.

    Silver Lining #1: While I'm upset that after I leave I will be computerless, I decided that wasn't going to stop me from writing. So, with the pressure of leaving my computer in a few weeks, it made me buckle down and actually FINISH the planning I was doing. I now am able to actually start WRITING, which tends to take me a long time.

    Silver Lining #2: If we hadn't decided to move, we never would've given our house to my best friend and her family. Since it was my idea, they have told me they are eternally grateful and told me that if I ever need to, I am absolutely welcome to come live with them. I don't really want to intrude on them, and I know I would miss my parents, but at least now I know that if moving honestly and truly gets to be too much, I have somewhere to go, which I didn't have before.

    Silver Lining #3: My parents have a "feeling" that "Fate" is "telling" them (don't ask) to move across the country. Which means we're going to be going through Tennessee. Which is where my family lives. I've never met them since they don't really agree with how we live (Amen!) and my parents don't really like them. But, they still talk on the phone sometimes, so I convinced my dear mother and father to take me to meet them. Yes, I am quite manipulative. :D

    I suppose the point of this long, and probably somewhat boring blog is that despite my constant complaining about moving, parts of it ended up being beneficial, and actually has helped my writing. ;)
  2. The title says it all. I'm moving. Oh joy. I highly, highly doubt anyone will actually be interested enough to read this. Either way, I'll be able to keep track of all my random, recent moving adventures.

    As it turns out, our house is not just going to randomly be left empty. My best friend and her parents are going to be taking over our house! (They've been living in a trailer) I'm happy for them, really I am. We're even leaving the computer.

    The good news: They now have a computer
    The bad news: I don't

    But if I don't have a computer how will I be able to post about my moving experience?! Luckily for me, my friend has graciously agreed to post my random over-the-phone narrations, if only so I can look back on them later.

    This will be fun. Or not. :p