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  1. Wide and vast as I walk along…the road that seems endless
    I know you are there right adjacent to me… but where exactly?
    Was I slow to have missed you or so fast that I left you behind
    Where am i?
    I walk, I run, i pause in search of you
    When the sun is scorching over my back…I take a pause with the sweat dripping over my face…I stop I feel may be I am walking too fast that I leave u behind…I take a halt
    Then suddenly I realize that I have taken a long pause, did I miss u when I had a short nap!...oh no I got to run again..
    I jump to see the end of the roads but in vain..
    There r twists n turns but the roads are still parallel
    I feel like jumping onto your road…but I guess we are separated by so much of gap that….
    Life is so harsh when it gives me an illusion of you being so much beside me…but not so really…