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  1. I had sex on a beach once.
    I got sand in places that don't see the sun,
    And in the places that do, I have spots.
    Maybe that explains the sores on my soul.
    Over exposure to brightness leads to
    Take your heart out and beat it type of consequences.
    The sex was good.
    Waves greeted us at goodbyes, giving a metronomic rhythm.
    Embraces commencing in the castles children built when I got these
    Sand still falls to my ankles from time to time.
    Reminders of the time I spent there,
    And over there too, on that shore,
    Sharing and chatting about the things that don't
    Matter when all the grains have fallen.
    Things like my future or your past,
    Or Where I parked the car,
    If you or I have rubber to be sharin',
    Or will you still love me when these blemishes,
    These battle wounds cover me so much I resemble a leper.
    Promise to conceal me before those tidal wave winds kiss me,
    Deforming my sandy skinned cheeks.
    Was it good for you?
  2. I want be wrapped up inside a hijab
    So I can see within the walls of Tehran.
    Or be a kilt, clothing an ancient Scot
    at the battle of Scone.
    Or be a minaret that houses the muezzin
    So I can bring people to prayer.
    I want to be a tilaka so I can see the world
    Through the eyes of a Hindu Goddess,
    Just for a day. I want to be the chopstick that a foreigner
    Uses for the first time, dropping nourishment on the mat.
    Or be the camel that brings traders to the
    walled caravanserai of a desert Oasis.
    I want to be the corner stone of a cathedral
    built long ago by the Masons.
    I want to be the butterfly who flaps his wings
    just to cause chaos a world away.
    Or the free floating cloud above
    casting a shadow on a girl flying her first kite.
    I want to be the one that makes you smile,
    always, and forever.