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  1. Awakening

    I don’t know where I came from, and I don’t know where I’m going when I die. But for this brief interlude, I am here. My body is my home. I have a sense of home in myself. Each day brings new learning. I awaken to being wrong, I awaken to being right, I awaken to dawning truths I had never considered.

    In sleep, there are limits. Blind spots in our perception. How can you answer the question – What if? – if your senses are not on alert, if you are not fully awake? Did you even realize you were asleep? Or did you know what you were capable of?

    I see the sun rising. I see the moon glowing. I hear the voices of those I love. I search inside and outside of myself. And the greatest awakening of all is finding out who I am. Where I am. How I fit in. I let ego go, eyes wide open. I awake to myself. And even though I know all the while that we are all dying, I am here now.

    Instinct is my wake-up call. I align my learning with it. Energy comes from my centre. I am part of a sacred whole. My dreams become vividly alive, like the trees, and the water, and the sky. Awareness is the natural state of my capacities if only I have the courage to be open to it.

    I know what I am. Nature’s marvel, a creator, a source. How shall I use my powers? Opportunity is my watchword. Sleep-walking misses the details. Open my eyes. No-one can help me but myself. I will live my life awake. I will not conform to any ill-fitting ideology. I need to see it all.

    I will follow my own lead, awake. I know how to be me. Harmony ensues. The world is real. I am awake to its beauty. I connect myself to it. I am the reflection of all I love. The force that moves all things moves me, too. It moves me to a consciousness. I am aware of what is not me. And am grateful I get to share the space.

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    Louanne Learning
    Just a regular gal with a lot of questions seeking answers.
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  1. ps102
    I feel that life is what you make of it. It's not what others tell you what it is, but how you see it, and how you see yourself within it. Truly, time after time, I haven't been able to reach a "singular" conclusion when it comes to difficult topics, save for those that are factual, concrete and proven. Like science.

    But even science is limited. There's always a bigger picture. It's not possible to know what's beyond our world, but it is possible to know what exists in this one. And right now, that's all we know, so we have to move forward with what we have. There's not much we can do other than our best.

    I once heard a quote. "You did the best you could, the best you knew how at the time." And it was liberating. It's not possible to know everything but you gotta keep moving and moving knowing that you're doing what you can with what you have. Regrets do nothing because they're products of hindsight. Hindsight you didn't naturally have before you gained it. But hindsight itself is experience, and very important.

    We're the main players of our own game. The rest are supporting players. But from their perspective, we're the supporting players. There's no singular, fixed state of being. And that's what I like about life. Keeps it interesting.
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  2. Louanne Learning

    There's a lot of wisdom in what you say. We do the best with what we have. If only everyone would extend that understanding to everyone else! But some people are quick to judge, and exclude, and condemn, and the world becomes a harsher place because of it. I think part of being "awake" is to be able to take on another's perspective. Wish there was more of that going on.
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  3. GrahamLewis
    Nicely put, Louanne, thoughtful and perceptive. Another way to look at it might be finding acceptance. I was reminded of this, which recently came through a Buddhist website:

    Loving ourselves involves accepting this truth that we are imperfect, and once we realize this, we can shift away from perfection and instead move toward perfecting our love toward our imperfect selves.

    – Mark Van Buren, “Joyfully Covered in Mud”

    Certainly from where I sit, the two views meld together nicely. Thanks for your blog posting.
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    1. Louanne Learning
      So true. Accepting the imperfections in ourselves and others. And this extends to accepting difference. Thinking the best of people.
    2. Louanne Learning
      Oh, and I forgot to say - thank you for reading and the kind words!
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