1. Can writing be a meditation?

    This idea has been on my mind for a while, just as idle speculation, but now I want to run a bit of an experiment. I know drawing and painting function as active mediations for me, at least at times. It happens when you fall into the flow state, when time seems to stand still or you forget all about it, forget to eat a meal or two becuase you're so absorbed in the creative work, and when you do bring the session to an end you realize a lot more time has gone by than you thought, and you...
  2. Mossarium #2

    I’m running out of room to put these things! I’ve made seven in total but this and the last are my favourites.
  3. Returning to the Dreamachine

    just a glimpse into my experience using and constructing a dreamachine
  4. Stinger's ultimate movie guide

    People who go to watch movies at cinema or home are not the same, they're two different groups. One just watch movie because it's fun, and I have nothing to say to this group. To others watching movies is an artisitic experience that may hurt them and leave scars in their souls, but it gives them insight to truth and gives a satisfaction beyond what others feel... They feel satisfied because they know those movies make him/her a better person. I'm one of those watchers, and if you want to...
  5. Dialouge rules as I like

    1) Try to avoid mentioning who is the speaker as possible. Even a little confusion would be better than always mentioning the name of the speaker. Instead, write the dialouge itself in a way reader understand who said it. 2) Only use three words: said, asked, answered. The rest, such as aclaimed, is not needed. 3) NEVER mention emotion, only when it's anger or some other intense. That's how I write dialouges.
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