1. Colonization of Moon Titan?

    Titan seems inviting to colonization because of the way it mimics earthlike features such as lakes, river tributaries, sand dunes and rains. However, closer inspection is a bit sobering. Lets take a closer look. To begin with the lakes are composed of methane as is the rain. Lakes of Titan - Wikipedia --------------------------------------------------------------- Positives to colonization are: 1. Tolerable atmospheric pressure which makes pressurized spacesuits unnecessary. It also...
  2. Our Very Distant Sun

    Many persons don't really appreciate just how tremendously distant our Sun really is because it can be so blistering hot on summer days and it seems so prominent in our sky. But in reality, what seems to be a fairly nearby sun is actually an almost unimaginably enormous distance away. Here are some examples to illustrate just how distant our sun really is. The Sun is approximately 93,000,000 miles (150,000,000 km) or 1 AU (Astronomical unit) from Earth. Light traveling at 186,000 miles per...
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