Book-Length Work

  1. Aqua Vitae from WolfSinger Publications

    Jenes Inarya wants to experience everything, and quite frankly, she doesn't think she can live life to the fullest in the time she's been allotted. A search through lore and legend from the Eight Immortals of Chinese myth to the Garden of Eden finally leads her to what she seeks--across the galaxy, to the planet of Arak. By eating food prepared from Arak's immortal plants, Jenes can alter her metabolism and gain eternal life. In her case, it’s a cup of palm wine. A real aqua vitae. But the...
  2. Anthology Builder Featured Author--March

    For the month of March I am a featured writer on AnthologyBuilder, which means any anthology including at least one of my stories is $1 off. I have a short-story collection available there, but the offer works on any anthology. I have 21 stories on the site, including reprints from Every Day Fiction, MindFlights, Kaleidotrope, and the Lorelei Signal.
  3. "Aqua Vitae," from WolfSinger Publications

    My novella "Aqua Vitae" will be published by WolfSinger Publications sometime in 2011. Jenes Inarya's quest for immortality drives her across the galaxy, but the prospect of eternal life seems to cause more problems than it solves. Expect many more updates to this page over the year as more information becomes available.
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