Book Of Things Vol 1

  1. Dalton part 2

    5 hrs into my trip I stopped off at this small town called White Haven. I picked this exit simply because I needed gas for the suv. Pulling into the gas station I get out and begin filling ritual of my o-zone killer. Along side of me is a silver minivan with a handful of young ones sitting inside. Cute little rascals they were. They were not unattended; it appeared that they had a caring older sister in her early teens keeping an eye on them. My phone beeps and catches my attention. An...
  2. Dalton, Part 1

    For the last 5 years I have reaped the rewards of s successful book I had published called “the final gambit.” Now I say published, not written simply because I did not write it. Allow me to elaborate. Back in early 2004 I joined this online writer’s community forum where new and experienced writers could talk about writing and publishing. Some would post short stories for contests and others would be looking for a review of their work. I was one of the new writers that wanted to win the...
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