Book reviews

  1. Storycatcher

    Just finished reading Storycatcher, by Christina Baldwin. It's not too detailed on the technicalities of writing like plotting and character development and style, in fact it's not confined to writing at all. It's an exaltation of storytelling in any and all forms. As the elders of unspecified tribes are quoted, "The story in English is not the story; and the story written is not the same as the dance." Cave paintings are put forth as the first journals. Around a bonfire, so-called...
  2. Writer's Writers

    A book fair opened last weekend in my town. I can't believe I actually kept within my budget. One of the best bargains I got was The Pocket Muse, by Monica Wood. I haven't read any of her other works, but I liked that it was hard-bound and heavy with thin glossy pages, compact but with excellent content. I'd say my family has a decent stock of "how to write" books: The Writer's Path, The Writer's Block (very cute, cubical book of prompts,) The Observation Deck... but, they haven't all...
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