Book Reviews

  1. Review: Halcyon #5

    The series ends with the plot resolved in a satisfactory way, except for the villain’s motivations being unclear. This is surprising, since the story is so generally well-written, and the motivations could easily have been fleshed out and hinted on early in the story. Despite this, an unusually good read.
  2. Review: Halcyon (2010) #1 to 4

    Title: Halcyon By: Tara Butters and Marc Guggenheim (writers), Ryan Bodenheim (art) Year of publication: 2010 to 2011 Publisher: Image Halcyon starts with the premise that crime is at an all-time low all over the world. At first, it's assumed this is due to the efforts of the world's super heroes, but it quickly becomes clear that the cause is not natural. Zenith, the "world's greatest super hero", is approached by the suspicious-minded Sabre, who, despite being discouraged by the...
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