1. What is this difficulty in connecting? Thoughts on the Minotaur myth

    The Minotaur - London by Terence Stevens, on Flickr I used to try to write poetry about the inherent difficulties of communication, but more often than not it turned out to be really more about connection, which also contains an element of bonding or relating. These days I live a pretty isolated life—my communication that isn’t through the sterilizing medium of the internet being mostly over counters and through windows. There are days when I can connect (to the internet), and many when...
  2. How Do You Become A Writer?

    "Where do I seriously and honestly begin?" By doing two things. Oh, there are bells and whistles you can tack on, but in the end there are just two essentials. You must read. And you must write. Writers learn by doing. There is indeed a formula you can follow when writing a novel. Essentially, you have (1) a character who (2) wants to accomplish something but (3) finds himself opposed by (4) an antagonist. That's it. There are endless variants, but the basic novel structure follows one...
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