1. I need help deciding on a place for a pack of werwolves

    I need help deciding on where and what area or town on the west coast could be preferably close to what I need for the pack land in the werewolf book I am writing . Any help is very appreciated and accepted . so here it is what is needed exactly : 1). west coast town 2). a small town at least 30 mins from any small city were they would have the necessities like a mall or fancy restaurants and of course humans would be here but not in the werewolf town 3). in this small town I'd like to...
  2. The Shadow... (title may be subject to change)

    Ooooo I've gone all serious recently. First I post that ridiculous 'My Girl' piece on the General Fiction page (I'd been smoking... depression set in), and now I am writing a dark fantasy, which is also depressing but likely to have a more uplifting ending which is completely unusual for me. (I feel killing off the main character makes it better and effective usually) Well some of you may have read my post on writing a prologue and it was for this project, but I just ended up turning it...
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