1. A Tavern's Story: The Angry Dinosaur

    *** Quick note, Reality2Fantasy is my name for my website :) Interview: Interviewer: How did you pick the name? Reality2Fantasy: If I ever owned a tavern it would be called, The Angry Dinosaur. Taverns are for begruding miseries, good-ole bar fights, and drunken merry-making (your happy till ya sober up). Which basically covers my relationship with my writing. Interviewer: Do you own a pet dinosaur? Reality2Fantasy: Yes, yes I do. I have a mini T-Rex. His name is Icarus aka Icky. *Points...
  2. Do not play in the Fairy Rings

    Last evening I was human, but when I awoke this morning I found that I was not... "New citizen, welcome to Thaumatos! Due to the irregular magical storms here we have found that humans tend to take on Thaumatosian qualities. It's amazing how adaptable mankind truly is- ahem, excuse me. What I mean to say is that in other words, we will be sending you a "Welcome Young Elemental" Gift Basket via The Lost & Find Branch of The Dragon's Cottage shortly. Any and all questions will be...
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