General Writing

  1. Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie

    I wrote this poem after a beautiful afternoon of being out in nature. I got the idea after doing some crazy cloud watching in an open field and, it was a really awesome day. Best I've had in a while. It felt like a very full, satisfying day. I see why people love nature now. Keep in mind this isn't the only thing I did. I was out there for 5 hours, so I had a lot of time and did a lot of different stuff. I may blog about other parts of it later. Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie Out in an...
  2. My Pine tree In The Forest

    This is a poem I have written for my dearly beloved forest and how we met. Ode to my forest I have driven to a foreign woods hesitantly. As it is not my own woods, but I can never go back there now. I come to a field and decide I will walk into and explore this woods. I can feel the magic of this forested land. There is angel white snow on the ground but 3/4th of it has melted. Standing there in the corner of my forest I see a small pinetree. On one side of the tree,...
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