General Writing

  1. The Occult and Mysticism

    I find the occult and mysticism really engaging subjects. It's like a subtle game you play with your mind, your emotions, and your senses, delicately weaving reality with illusion, infusing mystery into clarity. It takes the world and makes a tantalizing puzzle that only gets deeper and deeper the more you try to solve it. Why? Because soon, you begin to add to the creation of the world you've been drawn into. Completely taken, you switch one reality for the next. Isn't this the exact same...
  2. Commitment

    Define: Commitment When you fall in love, and another falls in love with you, love does not end there. Love is like a study; a childhood profession you grow up wishing for your entire life. The flower you nuture from a seedling- caring, pruning, studying, attending to it every day. Even though you graduate, applying yourself to the field, you soon learn that you are ever the student constantly learning the undiscovered parts of your valued trade. Love requires enthusiasm, diligence,...
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