General Writing

  1. Progress!!! Finally!!!

    WOOHOO!!!!! I now have FINALLY done some brainstorming towards my story!!!! I have started it with no real direction but now I know where to go!! Theres still the minor details to finish on, but the feeling of getting myself into the hopefully right direction is GREAT!!! I love minor finishes. Tiny battles won!!!
  2. Funny Little Exersises

    This is a exersise I found in my wrting technique book. You write what you would take to a funeral/birthday/wedding etc. I think it's called a Prose Poetry Peice. Here is mine: Bring along an unshed tear, a box of happy memories, mixed emotions, a plastered smile, a crumpled speech, half forgotten. Bring a flower to lay on the grave, a sweeping black dress with matching gloves. Pluck a cloud-filled pillow from the sky and rest your head as you write your regrets in a gold lined...
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