General Writing

  1. Nonsense

    Running backwards through a doorway to an endless flight of stairs, The marten gave a shiver, for he was truly scared. The lobsters clambered up the walls to see the fool advance, And, in excitement, called all crustaceans up to dance. In flew the owl - his down pearl white, his eyes as wise as winter. He took good note of the marten’s fright and so the noble thinker did suggest that perhaps the marten take a partner on his voyage, So that on his journey downward all danger could be...
  2. Modern-day Vampires

    Today, I thought I would speak about something a little more scientific. It’s been a while since I have had to write a science essay so I thought that today would be as good as any, as I had criteria with which to build my essay upon. A spurt of something struck me today and I didn’t know quite what it was. My symptoms were peculiar - ones which I normally don’t feel. I suppose it was a simple burst of anti-social teenagerism or perhaps an overspill of anger from not sleeping enough last...
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