1. Battle of Carrhae: An example of avarice.

    I have always been fascinated by the history of Rome-in particular its military success and reverses. One of the most interesting I find is the battle of Carrhae, a small town near which it took place, because it illustrates two things that the Bible tells us: 1. that the blind leading the blind will lead them all into a pit Matthew 15:14 ► New International Version Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit." 2. that love of money can lead...
  2. Roman/ Carthage Conflict issues

    The contest that ensued between Rome and Carthage has always intrigued me. Here is one issue I found perplexing. Why didn’t Carthage stop Rome’s ascendency when it had the chance? Carthaginian Indifference? Rome didn't spring full-blown as a major Mediterranean power. Even after throwing off its Etruscan yoke it was vulnerable to attack by the Gauls. So it's ascension was a slow gradual one which also involved the conquest of neighboring cities and bringing them into alliances followed by...
  3. The greatest delusion?

    The greatest delusion? Posted Today at 03:17 PM by Radrook Tags When studying history and making a comparison with present or recent historical events it becomes quite clear that although we have progressed technologically our emotional area has remained unchanged. Mankind still cannot resolve major disagreements without the threat of violence or its employment. The sad truth is that we haven't gone at each other with nuclear weapons in a full out war not because we are more civilized now,...
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