1. A response to: It's necessary in the second half of life to develop a religious attitude

    This was going to be a comment but it kept going and going, so it gets its own blog post. Groundwork: I want to be clear that I'm not hatin' on @Xoic or the video's creator. I think ideas are good, period. People should have more ideas and think more in general, and both Xoic and the creator are very smart people who have lots of ideas. That said, I wholly disagree with the video. The video in question: . Good for context. Problem 1: You cannot take Jesus out of the Church. Sorry...
  2. A new series idea

    What do you think about novels regarding deities? I wanted to create a new twist to them, not just the fact that, "They're there Just Because." Basically, there are two children from the Creator deity. Kaorii, the shadow goddess and Vyce, the purity god. I wasn't sure to make a neutral god or not, so I decided that the Creator makes sure everything is fair in the making, and that his children play fair. Each book is one greater deity trying to top their sibling. An example would be in one...
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