1. Visual Thinking

    I discovered Dr. Temple Grandin, who is an extremely visual thinker. She brings up some fascinating things in this video: I still haven't followed up on my earlier post about visual thinking, and I always intended to. This is getting me fired up about it again. I don't have the powerfully vivid imagery she seems to have, but I do get some visuals, and I can work with them in my mind, change them at will etc. I definitely do some of my thinking this way, probably especially when I'm drawing...
  2. Writing through the quarantine

    Covid-19 has wrought havoc on the world. Deaths and economic loss are the most prevalent to be reported (the fallout of this pandemic will have something like the effect of the 2007/8 Financial Crash) but there is also the toll of the quarantine. The toll of quarantine can be counted in a bunch of ways: loss of school hours for children, loss of social interaction for those in need, loss of earnings, loss of stability, an increase in stress and anxiety regarding bills and job...
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