1. A song, filling my life part II

    This one´s from radiohead too, they´re not my favourite band(but are near though). I guess they just soundtrack my life with their songs, while these two take the first place with a draw I feel the same thing regarding this song, as I feel for the previous. Appliances have gone berserk I cannot keep up Treading on people's toes Snot-nosed little punk And I can't face the evening straight You can offer me escape Houses move and houses speak If you take me there you'll get...
  2. A song, filling my life

    I´ve been having this for a real long time. This song has totally fused with me. I can´t take it out of my mind, we are one. It´s a song made by Radiohead called "Go Slowly". Here are the lycirs. Over here Come slowly Come slowly to me I've been waiting Patient Patiently I didn't But now I can see That there's a way out That there's a way out That there's a way out That there's a way out That there's a way out The lyrics are quite simple, allthough if you listen...
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