Man Is Mammal

  1. The GMS Concept That Could Be? (update soon)

    The Concept That Could Be… Right then, where are we? In layman’s terms we must look at the commerce mechanism then the methodology involved behind any feral species management plan and simply connect the dots in my opinion folks re the true welfare of all future loved ones to come! This is only my opinion re all I do and will indeed say in absolute peace like me or not under the essence of what remains of democracy in this day and age, an opinion I will stick to like glue with heart and...
  2. It Could Be?

    Children of tomorrow Forgive our sins For we do not know Where sanity ends and the other begins We level the forests We poison the oceans We pollute the air With our crazy notions Children of tomorrow You have good reason to fear Children of tomorrow We are here Come on folks! We could do much better! Call it a simply global shift in state of our mind united in peace! The GMS (Global Mission Statement) Concept that could be? Peace to you and all including Mother Earth!
  3. Man Is Fickle

    Man is a fickle species constipated with ignorant arrogance. Shallow in perception, lost to individual mirages of perceived nobility. Like a ravenous plague upon an unsuspecting paradise they swarm. Constantly migrating and consuming with primal precision carrying negligible burden for it's carnivorous behaviour. It's primal behaviour consuming all humanity, blinded to the immovable truth of ([mans]) barely significant existence under universal rule. Constipated in its own ignorant...
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