1. 2013 'Life more Abundant'

    2013 has been an amazing year. I can’t help but summarize all the amazing ups and downs, if only for my own reflection. Take a stroll with me won’t you? The year started off good my AHA funding which paid for most of my salary for the previous two years had just ended, and I had secured a post-doc position to begin as soon as August 1st, pending the completion of my degree. Started Blogging on Not-Dot – Everyone needs an outlet. I’d always wanted to blog, and I needed a new place to share...
  2. Why I believe in God

    I write this little post, not as an attack against the post written by Jon in his own blog, but as something inspired by it. I was actually surprised to hear that atheists are timid of expounding their beliefs. I feel the same way about my Christianity, but then, I run in mostly atheist circles. It actually took a lot of courage for me to post this, so don’t think that I’m coming down on other beliefs. I was just inspired by Jon’s courage and wanted to try and do the same for my own...
  3. Forgivness and Redemption / 'Holy Crap'

    02-06-09 This was an old note I posted on Facebook some time ago... Ever have something on your mind that won't let you focus until you express it somehow? Yeah, I've got one. I don't usually like to write theological things on my own page b/c I feel like I tend to be really esoteric about this stuff, and don't trust my writing skills. I worry that my friends who aren't familiar with the fundamentals of my belief system, could mis-interpret my statements, and make a wrong judgment on...
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