My adventures on the internet

  1. Family trees

    I deserve a slap to the wrists, I'm so easily distracted. Anyway, last night I found a website that you can make family trees on and because even though my royal family aren't main characters, what happens in their lives certainly affects the lives of my MCs. As I said, I did this last night so being told if dates are dodgy would be very helpful. Also trying to work out how to date this world is so hard. If you also want to be distracted from what you are supposed to be doing in the...
  2. Films and books

    As an ex-drama student (it happened) I still watch lots of film analysis. A lot of it is obvious to anyone, some is just cool to learn about, others just re-confirm what I know but, sometimes, it actually informs my writing so I thought you might want to have a look-see! In other news, today has been a good day for my WIP and two of my short stories. Got quite a bit done!
  3. I just wanted to share this...

    I just found this lovely video by The School of Life, enjoy! And this one made me think and laugh my head off! Have a good day!
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