Personal Writing

  1. Slow going today

    I've made better progress this month than last and I am up to scene 9. That brings it up to about 13% complete for the first draft. Sometimes it just seems impossible to sit down and just write when I have a full time job to got to and a family to care for. I will try and write something with pen and paper whilst I cook Sunday dinner. Right, better get to it.
  2. Submitted short story

    Submitted my short story entry to the Bridport Prize with just a day left to go before closing. That was cutting it a bit fine. If it doesn't make the shortlist I'll refine it a bit more and publish on kindle myself. That will be a true test of my writing. So now I need to get back to writing my novel. I've neglected it for a few weeks. Will feel great to immerse myself in it's story again.
  3. I'm on fire!

    I've had a great couple of days. I've written over 1000 more words of my novel and I've got my short story idea sorted. My flash fiction piece just needs a final edit before submitting. Fingers crossed it gets shortlisted. I've got a whole 11 days off work from Friday, hope to get lots of writing done then. I've got a massive 13 followers on twitter :D
  4. Really struggling

    So much for trying to finish scene 5. I can't even start it. No ideas are presenting at all. It is going to be a long day :confused: I just need to get past this hurdle and it will be flowing again nicely.
  5. On to scene 5

    This scene takes up the first half of chapter three. It is going to be a great one to write. It takes place at a town library so today I will be immersing my imagination in all things library. It is not going to be all peaceful and serene for my mc though. She is going to be in a spot of bother before the scene ends.
  6. My sci-fi novel progress

    I thought I'd start a blog here to chart the ideas, ups and downs of my wonderful sci-fi novel. I'm thoroughly enjoying writing it at the moment. It's flowing really well. If it's holding my interest then it will surely hold my reader's interest too. I've got fantastic relationships developing between my characters. I'm going to be adding a bit more action later on next month, this will pick up the pace and introduce a sinister element. I've got an ambitious target of 1000 words today....
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