Personal Writing

  1. Frog Prince; the Real Story

    Had a little fun with this one, please comment and tell me what you think! Thanks! A beautiful woman, in figure and in spirit, walked delightedly through the forest with no place specific to be. She had a wonderful smile strewn about her perfect little face. Her walk was thrown off beat and her smile turned to awe when she heard a voice. “Aye you!” She turned around and to her surprise she saw a whole lot of nothing behind her. “Aye, down here!” Expecting a dwarf… or even a midget, she...
  2. Cycles

    Please feel free to comment: feedback is much appreciated! Thank you! It’s funny; I never thought it would turn out this way. Irony some might say, fate says the others. “He had it coming.” Well I probably did. You can only ride in a desert for so long, before your mode of transportation keels over and expires. My mode of transportation; money. It took the length of my life, full of clawing and fighting and corrupting, to earn my way to the top. I always told myself, no matter who goes...
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