Personal Writing

  1. A break-up song!

    She said Let me tell you something My life would mean nothing If you couldn't be here She whispered into my ear She tell me that she loves me No priority above me God, you're such a liar Want to set this world on fire (Chorus) So I'll go on all alone Do you realize what you've done Breaking my heart once again How do you expect this not to end? (End Chorus) Come on crawling back now Say we can fix this some how And the only words I've spoken You can't mend what you...
  2. You know who you are:

    You're a little boy Always taking things too far Feels like a no one But acts like he's a star What will you do When loneliness sinks in Can you except The bottle is your only friend Its a short one. Could use some work I think, but for a table scrap beginning of a song, I'm proud of it. I was going to write more, but I can't seem to find words to keep the emotion flowing well. Lemme know what ya think!
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