1. The Inner Life (when characters come to life)

    I'm using this entry to collect together certain threads where I've expounded on my ideas about the inner life—of human beings and of characters. Here's the thread that sparked this: Whence the theme? But the underlying ideas connect up with my thoughts on characters having an inner life of their own, which I wrote about rather extensively in these threads: Downloading Characters Characters are not listening to me. Help. Do you feel a responsibility to your characters? ... And maybe a...
  2. Transcendent Writing

    Transferred from What are you Reading Now?— Oh crap!! One look at the title and you have to know I'd be all over it in a heartbeat: Transcendent Writers in Stephen King's Fiction: A Post-Jungian Analysis of the Puer Aeternus. Two of my favorite writers, and it's about not only psychology, but transcendence! It's like the quad-fecta (is there such a thing? Well, there is now!). Moreover, it covers pretty much my favorite King stories—Carrie, Salem's Lot, The Body, and The Shining (though I...
  3. Some great videos on spiritual/psychological topics

    One of the best videos I've ever seen on Jung's psychology and alchemy as a spiritual quest. Actually this channel is extremely fascinating.
  4. Hubert Dreyfus lecture series on Homer's Odyssey

    In which I tag along with Odysseus on his little jaunt around the harbor. Feel free to join us if you want.
  5. Geekin' out on poetry (and Romanticism)—my study thread

    Wherein Xoic attempts to edumacate himself in things poetical (and Romantical)
  6. The real meaning of magic

    I was plunged into this by a random statement made by Ian Crossland on the Tim Pool podcast. Ian is not the brightest bulb on the tree, and often says things that seem ridiculous to me, but this one took me up short and launched a new line of inquiry for me. He said something to the effect that Words were originally magic spells, that's why they're spelled Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and even somebody who says a lot of ridiculous things also spits a lot of truth. I know...
  7. The Exodus begins

    Back in the spring Jordan Peterson announced (around the time he joined Daily Wire) that he was getting together some of the smartest people he knows to go into deep discussion about Exodus in preparation for a new series of Biblical lectures, as a followup to his amazing series on Genesis. Apparently the Exodus Seminar has happened, and as far as I'm aware this is the first video to be offered in relation to it, aside from some mentions here and there in some of Peterson's videos.*...
  8. Jonathan Pageau explains the esoteric view of Heaven

    This is the stuff I've been going on and on about, only he explains it much better! He's an orthodox Christian. The orthodox religions are very esoteric in their outlook. Heaven in the esoteric estimation is the world of pure abstraction. It's the same thing Plato was referring to with his world of perfect forms. Pure thought, pure idea. The invisible things, that have no physical mass.
  9. We're of two minds, say two great men

    Iain McGilchrist on his new book The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World: "The devastatingly reduced vision of the world that we now have—this reductive, materialist ideology—which is absolutely not compelled on us by science, as people seem to think, by science or by reason. It's a version of the world which is very much consonant with the view that one of the hemispheres of the brain—the left hemisphere—takes. And we shouldn't be paying too much...
  10. "You're not the master of your own house" (your own mind)

    Psychologically, there are sub-personalities living in the unconscious that can take control, that have an independent autonomous character and are not at all subject to your will. In fact many times you're subject to theirs.
  11. Working with mental imagery or the lack of it—digging into hyperphantasia and aphantasia

    In which I begin to lay out the terms hyperphantasic and aphantasic and what they mean. Developing and working with mental imagery, and without it. Creativity emerging from the unconscious.
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