Plot Developement

  1. Alan Watt (not Alan Watts) on writing from the unconscious

    Just stumbled across this, and so far I'm loving it. He talks (among other things) about the need to allow story to emerge from the unconscious (he calls it the subconscious, but it means the same thing). That's just the first video of a playlist—if you click through on the YouTube logo down in the corner it should open the playlist. If not, here's a link: Alan Watt playlist @ Film Courage
  2. Working with mental imagery or the lack of it—digging into hyperphantasia and aphantasia

    In which I begin to lay out the terms hyperphantasic and aphantasic and what they mean. Developing and working with mental imagery, and without it. Creativity emerging from the unconscious.
  3. Easy Way Out - And how to not come across that way

    I can't judge anyone's story unless I've read it myself. Lots of ideas sound awesome, but are written terribly, so the story sucks. Likewise, lots of ideas seem stupid when summarized, but turn into great stories when you sit down to read them. With that said, though, certain things I hear about make me shrivel up inside a little bit. One of them is when the author's MC is clearly invincible, to the point where no obstacle can actually threaten him/her. After a while, readers realize...
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