Political/Historical/Philosophical stuff

  1. What is decadence?

    I've talked about decadence many times on the board. What I know about it I learned mostly from Camille Paglia in her book Sexual Personae. But this guy goes into great depth about what it is, the causes, and even what can be done to try to reverse it. Fascinating stuff. He talks really fast—you might want to slow it down a bit, and some of the best info is in the big blocks of text that go by too fast to read unless you pause the video when one pops up.
  2. I have no mouth and I must scream

    James Dean, who died in 1955, just landed a new movie role, thanks to CGI - The Verge We fetishize celebrity so hard--it makes us so horny or whatever--that those Hollywood psychopaths feel the need to dig up and reanimate a 50s film star, decades after the flesh has rotted off his bones, to make a movie. There are live actors without the pall of death on them, and you decide to make a digital zombie out of James Dean. It's sick. It's a sign of unhinged capitalistic excess; it's a...
  3. China Needs Strip Clubs (talks about sex)

    If you stay in China for any length of time, and wander around a bit, you will notice something. There are a hell of a lot of massage parlours, and barbershops that are really massage parlours. Its kind of nuts. I'm used to seeing brothels in cities. But in China, its' almost impossible to miss them if you veer slightly out of the tourist areas. Even in Beijing where they have really cracked down on prostitution, you see a lot of it. I've walked past perfectly legit barbershops and...
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