1. #2: People Make me Sick

    Prompt: People Make me Sick Rayland slowly stretched, giving a long jaw popping yawn. Rubbing his eyes, he glanced around. He was still on the porch where he had decided to take a nap, and the sun was slowly falling from its peak. Giving another stretch he let out a long happy sigh. “Oh yeah, he wakes up in time for lunch.” He jumped slightly, glancing behind him to see Gwen glaring at him. “Lazy cad,” she spat as she stepped into the house. Rayland lay on the porch, mouth open,...
  2. Piano

    Prompt: Piano All eyes watched as the man’s fingers did their magic. Skimming over the keys, the man closed his ocean colored eyes. His broad shoulders shaking as he reached for farther keys. As he sped up, his silken hair started to sway, and so many girls in the large room swooned while most men scowled and rolled their eyes. Vance leaned against a pillar, glaring at the piano player. His drink, which he thought was rather wimpy and surely not strong enough, was almost empty. His...
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