1. Plot progress in 'Out of Their Minds'

    Charisma's Radio:D You feel you're losing grasp of plot? Too many posts to read? Then tune to Charisma's radio! Here's a numbered summary of what main stuff has gone about it the plot. 1) Police suggests there are aliens in the mental institute; since Francine cannot allow people in the mental institute to be handed over to police she takes up the responsibility and is to be monitored by John Francs. 2) Mortimer tries to get away, and uses Noah's help for it. 3) Skye, Gregor, Niel...
  2. Important NPCs in 'Out of Their Minds'

    These are some NPCs I have created, they have been somewhat introduced already. I honestly don't know if you can freely roleplay a NPC - stupid GM here :p, but these characters are the ones open for use in roleplay by anyone kinda thing, unlike Francine who is my charrie. 1) Name: John Francs Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Spiritual beliefs: Atheist Fighting proficiencies: He's a very muscular man with incomparable strength, and his skills in martial arts go a long way....
  3. Map of Mental Asylum in 'Out of Their Minds'

    Here's a map of the mental asylum in 'Out of Their Minds' RPG. Updated with a neater, cuter and much readable one. I love you sister! [URL][/URL]
  4. List of characters in 'Out of Their Minds'

    Here's the list of the characters and some important information in 'Out of Their Minds' RPG. Adrian Gutierrez Player: Mousie Gender: M Age: 17 Disorder (Intensity): Nacrolepsy (4) Ambriel McSean Player: ChimmyBear Gender: F Age: 32 Disorder (Intensity): Paranoia (5), Nightmare Disorder (5) Benjamin Jericho Player: BrinkOfDawn Gender: M Age: 29 Disorder (Intensity): Schizophrenia (10), Mania (10) and Insomnia (10) Edna Travis Player: Salinye Gender: F...
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