RPG Burning Cities

  1. Lucaret

    City Name: Lucaret Ruler: Master Lan Whitewall. Power Structure: A Council of Merchants control the city. Anyone with assets in the city equaling 2000 Gold can petition to join the council. Population: 180,000 in the city, 30,000 in the outskirts. Population breakdown: 40% human, 35% Dwarf, 10% Elf, 5% Half Giant, 4% Orc, 2% Goblin, 4% Other Army: 2000 City Guards (Average), 20,000 Militia (very poor), 5000 Mercenaries (average to elite) Focus of knowledge: Technology Important...
  2. Green Leaf

    City Name: Green Leaf Ruler: Rock Tooth Chief Lord Power Structure: Dictatorship amongst a society of warlords. Each Warlord controls a portion of the city or land, and sends gifts to the Chief Lord every five months. Population: 150,000 in the city, 50,000 in the surrounding area. Population breakdown: 60% Goblin, 30% Orc, 10% Human. Army: Approximately 50,000 basic soldiers. If they can all show up on the same day, in the proper area, and on the same side is a different story....
  3. City of Tristen

    Tristen Ruler: Lyan the 4th (pronounce Lion) City Name: Tristen Power Structure: Ruled by the Church of the Sun, who's leader is always renamed Lyan Guardian of the People. Population: 90,000 in the city, 80,000 in the countryside. Population breakdown: 70% human, 15% Orc, 5% Elf, 5% Other. Army: 5000 Sun Guards (Elite, mostly Orcs), 10,000 Believers of the Sun (Average troops), 15,000 Followers of the Sun (Militia), 300 Guards of the People (Clerics and wizards) Focus of...
  4. The poor City of Golden Rock

    Golden Rock Ruler: Arch Mage Midan Power Structure: Wizard Dictatorship, with leader chosen by Trail by Magic. Population: 50,000 in the city, 40,000 in surrounding area. Population Breakdown: 98% human, 2% Elf (All of which are the Wizard Aristocracy or their relatives) Army: 10,000 militia (average), 200 wizards (Elite), 2000 Mercenary (average) Focus of Knowledge: Magic. Non-magic things are primitive compared to most other cities. Allies: None. Arch Mage Midan frowns on...
  5. Burning Cities RPG

    A thread for an RPG I'd like to start up, should be appearing shortly in the RPG forum. But I thought I should go and post a lot of the back ground information on something other then the thread. Because that could get really crowded. So I'll be posting a lot of it here. The gist of the game is you control a city of your own creation. There are a dozen cities plus a nomadic option. Whatever cities aren't controlled by a PC I control as NPC's Anyways here is the main city Tilf that only...
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