1. Nessie

    @Tenderiser challenged me to write a story based on the Loch Ness Monster, so here it goes.. Nessie (456 words) “You’re new,” the girl said, looking Maggie up and down. The words weren't just a statement, they were an accusation. The girl wore a sneer, like her dad wore his favorite jacket: it fitted perfectly, and she wasn’t going to take it off, just because Maggie didn’t like it. Maggie considered all the various responses on the sarcastic spectrum, before settling on a neutral, “Yes”....
  2. A Dialogue Only Story: One Beach of a Trip

    Reading this thread reminded me of this story I wrote last year. I asked someone to give me some prompts for a short story (two objects and a location) and they said "cheese grater", "a button" and "a beach". I decided to write a dialogue only piece (although in the story below there are two words that are not dialogue!) One beach of a trip (621 words) “So, you seriously expect me to believe that this overgrown cheese grater will actually work?” “It’s not a cheese grater: it’s a...
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