Consonance and Dissonance

  1. Consonance and dissonance are opposites.

    Dissonance is tension and clash. Dissonance is the person in the grocery store yelling at their kid. It’s not finding the words. It’s lying to yourself. It’s a bitter argument. It’s rudeness. It’s rage. It’s rationalizations. It’s believing impossible things. It’s not practicing what you preach. It’s road kill. It’s dying too young.

    Consonance is flow and rightness. Consonance is holding a newborn. It’s children having fun while playing. It’s giving from the heart. It’s watching birds. It’s figuring out the end to your story. It’s truth. It’s justice. It’s helping a stranger. It’s warm family dinners. It’s understanding. It’s falling in love.

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    Louanne Learning
    Just a regular gal with a lot of questions seeking answers.


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