1. I need help deciding on where and what area or town on the west coast could be preferably close to what I need for the pack land in the werewolf book I am writing . Any help is very appreciated and accepted . so here it is what is needed exactly : 1). west coast town
    2). a small town at least 30 mins from any small city were they would have the necessities like a mall or fancy restaurants and of course humans would be here but not in the werewolf town
    3). in this small town I'd like to keep it werewolves only only mates that are human would be allowed but they would know about werewolves because circumstances called for it . the mail character will live here on her own but she knows no history of her origins because shes been in foster care since she was an infant and becomes emancipated at 16 and works at a small diner in the town which is owned by yet a human mate of a werewolf who has passed away .
    4). this land needs to be able to hold at least 3,500 wolves including a pack hospital , school training battlefield and a bunch of houses grocery store a pack farm and a few offices for pack business
    5). i want ether a river or a lake to be on the property as well .

    if anyone here maybe lives on the west coast besides me and knows a place other then California for a great setting for this it would be amazing to know the name of the town or area so i can do an extensive research on it to continue writing my books

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