The ideas are all here, but where's the paper?

By m0rdacious · Sep 11, 2022 · ·
  1. Do you have those moments when you're suddenly struck with an idea? That lamp that lights up in your head and you can't help it but to rush to your notes and write it?
    Well, that's basically my daily basis.
    Millions of thousands of ideas knocked me out of my sleep and I can't help but write them. Sometimes, I can remember the smallest details of my dreams and pour them onto the notebook that I have right beside me.
    That's the amazing part.
    The nightmare begins when I sit in front of my laptop and try to bring those notes to life. And no matter what I do, in the end the spontaneous notes that had me jolt from my bed suddenly become dull. Senseless. Totally messed up.
    I try to come up with a logic way to produce something out of them, but it's always very confusing - even for me.
    It's normal, it seems, to have these blocks.
    We all pass through them and they keep us from going further, like an obstacle in our way.
    I acknowledge that.
    But why can't I bring those good and interesting stories come to life without making them absurd?
    Or should I just make them absurd?
    Is my writing style absurd?
    This is absurd. :wotwot:

    About Author

    I'm an aspiring writer wanting to find her writing style through the books I've been reading. As a creative person, I find it easy to come up with new ideas, however I can't seem to always be able to put them on paper. It's an adventure that you can come along if you wish!
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  1. Louanne Learning
    You reminded me of a quote from writer Flannery O'Connor:

    “Writing a novel is a terrible experience, during which the hair often falls out and the teeth decay. I'm always irritated by people who imply that writing fiction is an escape from reality. It is a plunge into reality and it's very shocking to the system.”

    Writing is hard. There's two parts to it. First getting the ideas and imagining the plot. Figuring out what happens next, and what the characters should say or do. This is the part that makes my brain sweat. It takes a lot of hard thinking. I have been known to pace. But we must allow ourselves to think. Tolstoy said he did he best writing when he sat and smoked. Just thinking.

    The second part, the actual finding of the words, comes easier once we know what we want to say.
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    1. m0rdacious
      I totally agree with you! Sometimes I find it hard to just sit down and think, but I guess it just needs to become a habit! :}
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