What's a Folder?

By Not the Territory · May 6, 2023 · ·
  1. There are complaints from college teachers that young students either don't use or can't even grasp the concept of file directories. I didn't believe this at first, given that the terms file and folder are sort of there to help understand the slightly abstract notion of directories, and that operating systems are mostly visual (GUI) anyway.

    Favourite anecdote is from Reddit, r/teachers, "They're Not 'Digital Natives,' They're 'Click Natives'":
    Whose fault is it? It's not Apple, Microsoft, cellphones, nor Tiktok. It's people. People of all ages.

    You grow up in a world dominated by computers and don't stop to think that learning how to type or use operating systems could be a marketable skill. Coasting along will always screw you. Everyone has that inclination, it's just keeps getting easier to coast. There has to be a part of you that pauses, hand halfway to the cellphone, and thinks: maybe I shouldn't use a tool to tell me what 7 x 16 is, maybe I should take the less expedient or more challenging path for literacy's sake.


  1. Iain Aschendale
    My students are learning English as a Foreign Language, but at the university level I'm still struggling with teaching them things like "in a paragraph, each sentence follows the one before it. Don't hit 'enter' every time" and "in English, there is one space after each comma or period, but no spaces before."

    One would think that English (EFL) majors would have learned this before entering uni, but the Japanese education system doesn't seem to teach that sort of thing.
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