“You can always count on the Americans...”

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NOTE: This is my reaction to America legalizing same-sexed marriage.

Winston Churchill had this to say about Americans, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing; after they've exhausted all other alternatives.”

Well, we've finally done it. We've finally legalized same-sexed marriage here in the United States. I could go marry another man and my government would say that was perfectly fine within the law.

What do I feel? I'm happy, I'm relieved. Finally, all the Americans who love those of the same gender can finally, legally, marry. Yet I'm still dumbfounded. Not because this ruling happen, which I expected (and hoped) to happen in my lifetime.

But that it happened at all.

My whole college career had taught me this about America. We're stubborned. We're probably one of the most stubborned nations on Earth, if not in the number one slot. If we don't like it, we shake our heads and turn away from it for as long as humanly possible. Quite simply, we don't like change. It took until 1865 to abolish slavery, 1918 to give women the right to vote and it took until the mid-1970s/80s to completely get rid of segregation in the Deep South. If we don't like it, we don't wanna. And we'll continue to say, “We don't wanna,” until we can't anymore.

With this in mind, I had fully expected that it would be at least a century at least before America legalized gay marriage. Well, I guess America proved me wrong.

Same-sexed marriage is 100% legal.

Congratulations. :) May all enjoy a happy, full marriage full of excitement and wonder regardless of orientation. :)
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