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Another Blog(post)

(So is it proper to call each entry to a blog a blog or do you call it an entry(like I just did) or post or something?)

Anyways, so I purchased a domain which I will post a link to as soon as I get something up. I kinda got the layout designed in my head, now I just need to see if I can accurately convey it to my web designer. Should be cool though. I would really like it to be more than a website about me. Maybe throw up a forum and have some user submitted stuff and such. The only thing I am worried about is coming across presumptive to think that people want to use my site as a hangout(online), we will see.

Also thinking of some marketing ideas. My primary goal is simply to write and have people read my writing. So I am thinking of selling two lines. The one(which I don't have a title for yet) will just be a book/books/etc.. sold at virtually production cost, just rounded up a dollar or something. The other line would be called the Signature line and the name is very explanatory. It would be the same products but autographed, maybe with a short note or something. Also the Signature line would probably have drawings and the sort. All priced a little higher.

I just recently purchased a few notebooks so hopefully when I am nowhere near a computer I can still get some work done. I have done the same thing before, the only issue is that it is a pain in the butt to write it out once and then have to type everything in. It is not so bad though cause I try not to just copy it onto the computer, I use the transfer as an opportunity to do my first edit.

Here is a sample list of titles I am working on.

The Last Good Man(Short Story)
Trip of a Lifetime('')
Shattered Tranquility('')
Tears In a Hurricane('')

Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.
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