10 Months gone and...

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...I've finally got a bloomin' job!

Honestly this bloody town I live in is useless for jobs. I applied absolutely everywhere, just looking for something to give me some money before I go to University in September. But no, these miserable Yorkshire nutters didn't reply did they!

Nevertheless, its May, and since taking a year out before University this year last July, I've done bugger all... except write of course. I'd probably be dead by now if I didn't have a pen and the back of an old work folder to write on. Its nothing much, I'm expecting minimum wage, but who cares! I can actually go ahead and buy all the things I've wanted recently... and there's been a hell of a lot... mainly video games.

Anyway, yes, all has been good these last 2 months. My mother bought me some muffins was an awesome highlight for last month, my University accepted me earlier in the year, and one of my friends actually asked me to go out on the piss for once. Ah how irresponsible that was. And now I've got a job!

Party time people!
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