19 chapters

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Spent the best part of a week going over my work... as off this morning I have edited and rewritten all the way through the first 19 chapters. They are not 'finished' but they are no longer first draft, the first three have been worked through 2 or 3 times now and nearing the point where I am totally happy with them.

Now I have reached chapter 20.... I recently produced chapters 20-24 in first draft and I don't feel like looking at them again today but I know if I don't spend just a little more time on them it will bother me all weekend.

I followed a link a few days ago (down the rabbit hole?) ... ended up on someone's blog. A lady who teaches and writes. Her blog looked awesome, lots of thoughtful musings, great links, cool quotes and interesting fun stuff. She talked about some writing software that she uses and really loves.. I checked it out and now I WANT IT! but it's $45 so not in my budget.. plus I worry that if I actually had this software installed on my computer I'd spend WAY too much time playing with the bells and whistles and 'getting ready' to write instead of just writing.
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