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Published by kimapines in the blog kimapines's blog. Views: 85

The guy I was asseing told me a little more than a week ago that he just wanted to be friends. he texted me a few times and I told him I needed some space, some time for my ego to heal.

I was 'fortunate' enough to give my friend a ride home today from work. And while we drove the 50 minutes it took to drive himk home he told me that the guy that I was seeing is now re'seeing the girl that he was seeing that he was dating before me.

Here's the tricky part.....(i'll give them fake names) Brad, the guy i was seeing, was dating Trisha, a friend oof mine. He broke up with her and told me he liked me. Me, trying to be a good friend, maybe even a good person told Trisha about it, because truth was I liked Brad, but out of repsect of Trisha I told her so she would hear it from me and no one else.....So i told trisha and a month and a half later me and brad continued seeing each other.... and suddenly he told me that he just wanted to be friends and now I hear from a completely outside source that Trisha and Brad are seeing each other again. Not from brad, which is fine. But not from Trisha either.....Nothing... I hear it randomly from a friend when I give them a ride home.

I feel played. I feel used.. Why didn't she tell me.. What the ****?

what I feel right now? what is the pure unadultered emotion I feel right now. They can go **** themselves.. Which is probably what they are doing right now. I never want to speak to him ever again. Although I haven't quite finished feeling anything for him....and for her..**** her. **** her in ever p[ossible way.

I just wannt her to feel as crappy as I do right now. God!! at least I spoke to her!! but she didn't tell me anything.....i had to hear it from someone else.....wtf??!! I changed him from my phone book contact list to 'think!!' and i changed her, well i just straight up deleted her from my phone book....

i want to say so many disgusting things sbout her....what the hell???!! I know I'm not perfect, but really... I know Trisha is beatiful but good god!! Coudl someone want me just for once over her!!

I'm so hurt, that I can't sleep, just drink and hate and be bitter... what the hell!!!!

i liked him so much and he just threw mw away likw my feelings meant nothing!! band he didn't even care to give me a heads up.... i hate people

i hate them...i hate how they are...i hate how i am around them...i hate people, i hate feelings,.\

i just want to be inmobile....i don't want to cry over these people and yet i do...
I don't want to cry over them/...... I never want to cry over them.... I want to be strong!! not this wimpering fool they turned me into.....i deleted my myspace and facebook so i would never see them online.

Oh god it hurts so much.....but i would never say it out loud...im so stubborn.. But it does hurt..I hurt.. They hurt me...

That's it.....They hurt me They hurt me...

sigh,.........they hurt me soooo much.....**** it...**** them.....i don't want to ever feel this way ever again....
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