2/17/09: What is New

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So I guess it is Tuesday. Have been diligently working on my website and I think we shall all see it up in some form before the sun sets on this week. I have started a new novel and am working hard to wrap up some editing on a couple short stories. I hate editing but alas it must be done. I guess my unfinished short story count is like six and my unfinished novel count is three though two are close and my unfinished poem count is two.

I would love to publish something this spring for the sole purpose of I want to have a book signing. I probably would struggle to sell twenty at this point but would be cool to have a handful of people show up and actually want to purchase something I wrote and get it signed.

I need to post a link to a story I had published in a book last year. I don't care for it but the more I think of it the more I realize that it is a publishing credit and a decent story for children as well. It's far to light hearted for my tastes but I wrote it so I guess I must deal with that.

Here is the very rough first paragraph of my newest venture into a novel. I am thinking the title might be "Strides At Midnight", we shall see.

"Hezikiah Neilsen trudged through the early morning darkness, alone. It could not have been later than two he thought, he was pretty sure he had been on the road about an hour and he left sometime around one so two was a close guesstimation. It was raining out, not just a nice invigorating sprinkle though or even an impressive thunderstorm, no it was a late fall drenching on the south coast of Lake Erie. It seemed the rain was falling at hardly a few degrees more than sideways due to the wind that was gusting well over fifty. And it was cold, not middle of winter deep freeze cold but the thermometer was hovering right around thirty when Kiah left the house."
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