2/28/09: Whats new.

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It is saturday now and I know I havent blogged in at least a week so here is what is up.

I have my DIY editing job nearly done for The Last Good Man. I purchased two books on editing just for this short story and they have paid dividends, I think. I have about three thousand story ideas/partially finished stories/short stories that need to become novels/etc... As well as a handful of poetry ideas.

One idea I really think I can get to take off is a story about a group of guys who are working and out of the blue decide to drop everything and hit the road cross country. Plus I have the novel Alaskan Nights which is about a hundred pages so far, I would like to hammer out an extra two pages per day on that one until it's finished. Most recently I have begun to sketch out a comic series. I am not one of those "comic book people", in fact I have never purchased one and have only read a handful but I came up with a great(I think) concept and look to put it to paper.

My website is crawling towards completion, I would say it's about 90% finished and when I get it complete I will publish ASAP and let everyone know.

So thats whats up, stay tuned for my website and keep up the good writing yourselves.

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