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2011 has been a really crap year, bring on 2012!

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Ok so my year started not exactly within the calendar year, but I'm officially writing 2011 off as a failure and with any luck or good grace at all, I have hit the rocks and can only go up. Here is a brief run down of how I got to be writing my very first blog.

And we are off with a running start straight into a bit of back ground, I had been living in Australia, for just over a year when the guy I was seeing decided to dump me for my flat mate. He decided that although things were fine he felt that he just didn't want to be with me any more. A couple weeks later he and my flat mate who for privacy reasons shall be refereed to herpes girl hooked up and started being the happiest couple on the face of the planet right in my face in my own house. Being swapped out for a life long STI, now that was a real low blow to the self esteem. About a month later a trusted friend... this is a black spot that the police have dealt with..... and my low self esteem plummeted further. I developed a very unhealthy appetite for booze and over the space of a year managed to almost completely destroy my life, humiliated my self in the worst ways, lost my license drink driving, and began to lose myself in some sort of nervous breakdown. (I now suffer secondary heamochromotosis (I think I spelt that wrong)because of the excessive amounts I drank)
Then there was the floods.... I'm from NZ so I'm ineligible for any compensation for EVERYTHING that I lost, nervous breakdown shifts up a gear to meltdown, I keep drinking and loose my job. I contact centre link again and she tells me (same chick on the phone by the way) again I am still ineligible for help. Little do I know, the staff member from Centre Link then calls immigration. I am now an unemployed, homeless alcoholic, staying on the couch of one of the few people that hadn't written me off. Between the centre link chick and the immigration person that cant seem to be identified, decided that I should be flagged for deportation, my bank account was shut down, I had no income so couldn't make payments anyway, but my spur fines from my drink driving charges went unpaid. My super fund was seized, my tax refund was withheld and I eventually found myself stripping.

I have in the last few months managed with the absolute support of a great man that I met who knew the DJ that was playing at the strip club, to quit stripping, attend a very scary court hearing to revoke my status as an illegal immigrant. I can now happily report that I am no longer flagged for deportation, my TFN has been reinstated, I now have my supper fund back, a medi care card and a new bank account so things are looking up! I lost my license because I didn't pay the sper fines when my bank accounts were shut down and I'm hiding from debt collectors because I still can't pay my debts, at least NOW that I have a TFN again can I start looking for a proper job without fear of immigration finding and deporting me.

I used to be terrified of public speaking, I love writing and have started an intern-ship copy writing for website designers (unpaid), I also really love comedy.... I'm at a turning point in my life I think, a new man, no children or huge commitments to hold me back form anything. (except an education because I can't pay for it, I can't even afford to pay the $495 fee to be bankrupt!) Anyway I think with some practice and well places witty comments I would like to be a stand up comedian, if I can get up and get naked on stage, surely I can get up and tell a few jokes right? right?
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